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Meet Mackenzie: Foster Alum and Rhodes Scholar

Since we began the Reshuffled journey, any mention of foster care grabs my attention, the same with Tracy. In her reading, Tracy came across an article that congratulated Mackenzie Fierceton, a University of Pennsylvania graduate, on being named a Rhodes Scholar. Now anyone who earns that distinction is to be commended, but the article also noted that Mackenzie had aged out of foster care before attending UPenn. Wow, did our ears perk up! She represents a model of inspiration that we want to better understand and put on stage as a representative of the resilience and perseverance so many from the foster care population possess.

It was easy to make contact with Mackenzie and she could not have been more receptive. She wanted to read Reshuffled and help anyway she could. Jackpot! Happy Dance! Here is one more incredible person who has already done so much but is willing and eager, to help us out and more specifically help out other young people who need to be encouraged.

She received excerpts from the book and here are her initial thoughts:

“I am so energized and hopeful to see attention paid to the issue through individual stories. It’s just exciting to see that people really care and are passionate about child welfare. I grew up primarily in a middle-class home with a biological parent who had a higher degree, so I had access to resources prior to entering foster care, meaning my experience was very different than the majority of foster youth. That’s part of the reason I want to study and research ways to uplift the voices of youth, those who are the most marginalized and vulnerable. That is one thing I am hoping to do.”

And we just bet you will Mackenzie!

This is part I of a VII part series. Read on next week to hear more from Mackenzie.

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