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Celebrating Every Success

A Reshuffled update with Barbara Evans, LPN

The national statistics for foster youth attending college are low at about 15% with only 3% earning a degree. There are numerous hurdles for foster youth to overcome in reaching higher education, but when they do beat the odds, we should celebrate them. That is why we are so excited to share an update with you about one of our Reshuffled collaborators.

Barbara Evans’ biography in Reshuffled stated she was in her third year of college trying to become a nurse. We are happy to share with you that Barbara has completed her training and passed her Virginia State Board of Nursing Exam (NCLEX). Furthermore, she has accepted a position with Riverside Regional Medical Center in coastal Virginia where she is now a Licensed Practical Nurse in the emergency department.

“I am extremely excited to have reached my goal of becoming an ER nurse,” shared Barbara. She said she struggled with many obstacles along the way and at times felt like she would not be able to finish. “I worked so hard to get to where I am, and I am so proud that I made it.”

Barbara was able to work in the emergency department as a nurse assistant for four months before deciding to accept her new position. “I seem to really connect with the chaos and strive in stressful situations. The ER keeps me on my toes and teaches me so much, and I cannot wait to further my career here,” she said.

If you recall Barbara’s story, she was fostered and then adopted by her Uncle Tom and Aunt Jean. They now reflect on those challenging times with pride for all that Barbara has achieved. “The difference between twelve-year-old Barbara and 21-year-old Barbara is huge! Twelve-year-old Barbara was frightened to move away from her mom and stay with people she hardly knew. She was unmotivated and saw a bleak future for herself,” explained Tom and Jean.

“Today’s Barbara is confident in herself, excited about her future, and has the desire to continue to further her education and career,” they said. “We are incredibly proud of Barbara’s strength and resilience. We are excited to see where her journey will take her,” said her parents.

We want to wish Barbara continued success in her career and life. She has demonstrated resilience and determination in reaching her goal of becoming a nurse. She has also been blessed with a support structure of family and friends to encourage and guide her.

As we enter April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, we encourage you to think about ways you can help children who may be in crisis. Volunteer as a coach, mentor, tutor, or CASA (court-appointed special advocate) to help make a difference in the life of a youth who may benefit from your support. If you lack the time to volunteer, donate to an organization working to help foster youth build better futures. You can start with


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