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Real Stories of Hope and Resilience from Foster Care

Reshuffled tells the life stories of former foster children, who despite all odds, craft productive lives. Within Reshuffled, former foster children share their trials and strategies to gain footing in their unpredictable lives with the hope that their stories can model, inspire, and encourage youth facing similar situations today. Tracy Gharbo and Linda Palmer have captured the authentic voices of the abused and abandoned children who become lawyers, social workers, military officers, college graduates, scientists, teachers, parents, athletes, and foster care advocates. Inspiration abounds in unique lives, told honestly and without reserve.

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Praise for Reshuffled

What They’re Saying

There is no better way to understand the experiences of youth in foster care than to hear from those with this lived experience. This collection of essays illuminates the challenges experienced by children and youth in foster care, and it demonstrates the incredible resilience of these young adults. These powerful stories offer a message of hope for children and youth currently in foster care. By sharing their stories, the contributors also give unique insights into their experiences, which can inform the work of all those engaged in the child welfare system to improve outcomes for children and youth in foster care. These inspiring stories remind us that with the consistent support of caring adults, the future can be bright for all children and youth.

Tara Perry, CEO, National CASA/GAL Association for Children

As a social worker and leader of a nonprofit organization that has served children and youth in foster care for over 40 years, I have learned much from many of the individuals represented in this book as their colleague, friend, and collaborative partner. Reshuffled is a unique look into the strength, courage, resilience, and resolve through the authentic stories from voices that need to be heard more often. I believe this book will inspire other children in foster care and all of us young and old to realize that never giving up and accepting support from others can open doors to reach dreams and overcome the struggles and traumas encountered on the journey of life.

Greg Peter, President & CEO of United Methodist Family Services

What a privilege it is to read these essays of courage and strength written so beautifully in “Reshuffled: Real Stories of Hope and Resilience from Foster Care.” As we continue our work to improve the foster care system, especially for our older youth, may we find instruction and wisdom in the words on these pages. Thank you all for sharing your heart with us.

Melissa O’Neill, State Court Appointed Special Advocate Program Coordinator,

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

The book was so good! I really enjoyed reading it. I think this will help youth so much.

Angel, Age 15, Youth in Foster Care

At first, I wasn't going to read the book but once I started, I couldn't stop. It was good.

Alex Sandton, age 18, Youth in Foster Care

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